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Есть у поставщика Поставка под заказ. Building upon the international bestselling Toyota Way series of books by Jeffrey Liker, "The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement" looks critically at lean deployments and identifies the root causes of why most of them fail.

The book is organized into three major sections outlining: Why it is critical to go beyond implementing lean tools and, instead, build a culture of continuous improvement that connects operational excellence to business strategy Case studies from seven unique industries written from the perspective of the "sensei" teacher who led the lean transformation Lessons about transforming your own vision of an ideal organization into reality Section One: Explaining how lean systems and processes start with a purpose that provides a true north direction for all activities, they wrap up this section by examining the glaring differences between building a system of people, processes, and problem- solving that is truly lean versus that of simply trying to "lean out" a process.

This section brings together seven case studies as told by the "sensei" who led the transformation efforts. The companies range from traditional manufacturers, overhaul and maintenance of submarines, nuclear fuel rod production, health care providers, pathology labs, and product development.

Each of these industries is different but the approaches used were remarkably similar. Beginning with a composite story describing a company in its early days of lean implementation, this section describes what went right and wrong during the initial implementation efforts.

The authors bring to light some of the difficulties the "sensei" faces, such as bureaucracies, closed-minded mechanical thinking, and the challenges of developing lean coaches who can facilitate real change. They address the question: Which is better, slow and deep organic deployment or fast and broad mechanistic deployment?

The answer may surprise you. The book ends with a discussion on how to make continuous improvement a way of life at your company and the role of leadership in any lean transformation. Treating such contemporary design and development issues as identifying customer needs, design for manufacturing, prototyping, and industrial design, this title presents a set of product development techniques aimed at bringing together the marketing, design, and manufacturing functions of the enterprise.

Enhancing learning, teaching, assessment and curriculum in higher education ISBN: Higher education is a particularly complex site for enhancement initiatives. This book offers a coherent conceptual overview of enhancement approaches, of the change context, and of the probable interactions between them. It sets enhancement within a particular type of change dynamic which focuses on social practices.

By focusing on language use in different contents, it encourages an investigative and interpretative approach. It provides the core theoretical knowledge required for tackling a wide range of tasks and aims to develop awareness of both the nature and function of language. Through an exploration of the ways in which context, audience and purpose are interrelated, readers will learn to analyse written and spoken language.

The source material and the models for analysis contained in each section will enable them to interpret, edit and represent unseen material and to become more effective writers. Вы так же сможете использовать различные варианты оплаты товара, наиболее удобные для Вас.

Информацию о способах оплаты и доставки Вы сможете узнать на странице магазина, после того, как перейдете по ссылке Купить Вопросы совершенствования АСУ железнодорожного транспорта. Рекомендуем также следующие похожие товары на Вопросы совершенствования АСУ железнодорожного транспорта Л. Чигирь Переход одной части речи в другую.

Некоторые вопросы правописания Автор настоящей книги предлагает читателю понаблюдать за тем, как в условиях предложения слово способно изменять семантические, морфологические и.. Вопросы системного проектирования крупных информационных систем Основная цель книги — определение возможностей повышения эффективности системных и последующих проектов создания и развития крупных информационных систем при.. Мухаммад Легенгаузен Современные вопросы исламской мысли Книга известного философа Мухаммада Легенгаузена представляет собой яркий образец взаимодействия западной философской и восточной религиозной традиций.

Теория и практика совершенствования В монографии раскрываются методологические и теоретические основы совершенствования управления педагогическим процессом в малокомплектной школе. Вопросы методики, теории и истории Издание "Аккордеонно-баянное исполнительство" — сборник научных статей преподавателей и выпускников кафедры баяна и аккордеона Санкт-Петербургской..

Ошо Остановитесь и познайте. Ответы на вопросы искателей Эта книга - запись живых бесед Ошо с учениками.